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Andy and Jill Lehman family

God's Pursuit of Zane




Here is a little montage of Zane's adoption... I've had the privilege of meeting his parents David & Sherry - who are one of the families Lifesong has had the privilege to come along side of... I've spent a little time in their home, and I know they are truly orphan advocates in many ways!  

A few years ago the Dahler's adopted precious twin boys from Korea  - Logan & Levi 

Enjoy the montage!...

Andy @ Lifesong




Just surviving...


“No”…”no”….”no”…. those were the answers to my questions as I asked numerous Zambians if anyone in their household had a job/work.   Only in one out of the six households I asked – where an adult had any form of employment – and he was a security guard. 

The rest of those 5 other households?..Oh…they try to sell charcoal, but who can buy it?   If there is somebody who could afford to buy it? Why would they buy it from you when nearly every other thatched roof hut is trying to sell it too?

It sure becomes difficult to buy food and provide for your family without a job, or trying to sell something that people can’t buy or you don’t have any advantage over the competition.   I can understand why they feel so hopeless sometimes…





Martin - a glimpse into his life...

We recently returned from a Vision Trip to Lifesong School in Zambia, where I met a 12 year old boy named Martin.   Several months ago, shortly after Martin began attending school on a regular basis, our school staff asked him “what do you want to do when you grow up?”   Martin’s sad answer was a glimpse into the hopelessness that most Zambian orphans feel - “I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it…because I don’t think I will live that long…”

Recently, John Mumba (Lifesong School manager), received a big hug of thanks from Martin's caretaker. The children’s caretakers said they have seen how caring Lifesong staff have been to the children, not only at school, but even checking in the homes to see their progress.   Martin used to be one of the biggest behavior problems, and he was previously expelled from the other three schools in the area. He was quick to pick a fight and be aggressive.   Now…Martin is one of Lifesong’s best students, is cooperative and has become a role model and helping the other children.

Martin is beginning to experience HOPE out of the hopelessness…maybe for the first time in his young life…

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