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Andy and Jill Lehman family

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Family Friday: "We know God called us to adopt..."

Steven and Tiffany could list 78 reasons why they decided to grow their family through adoption.  For several years, they traveled as road directors for an international children’s choir.  They felt God working on their hearts as they were “Mom” and “Dad” to the children in the choir, many of which were orphans from India, Uganda, Brazil, Philippines, Nepal, and Myanmar. The Lord used these children to cultivate in them a heart for the orphan. 

As most adoption stories go, Steven and Tiffany's journey had some unexpected turns and surprises. But through it all, they felt God's presence and peace as they persued the adoption of their daughter Ayla from China. Thanks to The Church of Brook Hills Adoption Fund, Steven and Tiffany were given a matching grant through Lifesong to help with some of the fiancial costs. Listen in to hear more...

Lifesong provided a way for people to give tax-deductible gifts towards our adoption. That, combined with the unique opportunity to have their gifts matched really motivated people to contribute.

Lifesong also provided us with a unique opportunity to share God’s heart for the orphan. I’ll be honest, at first we weren’t too excited to have to write support letters and ask for money, but we are so grateful for it now. We had an opportunity to share how adopting a little girl from China was a small picture of how God has adopted us eternally. What a platform Lifesong provided for us to share with lost family members.

We know God called us to adopt, and we could trust Him to provide for our needs. We are so grateful that He used Lifesong in a huge way to do that!

-Steven & Tiffany


Family Friday: "...confident in His ultimate provision..."

Meet Wes & Kellee.

Their adoption story began in Kellee’s prayer group. When a woman in her group came home from a mission trip to an orphanage in Beijing, China, she shared with their group about a special little boy with Spina Bifida who had captured her heart.  She asked for their group to pray that he could find a “forever family.”  Kellee and the rest of the women prayed diligently for this little boy for two years. 

During this time Kellee began to feel that God was telling her that they were to become his forever family.  She brought home a picture of him and as a family they prayed for him every night.  Over time, Wes & Kellee knew God was leading them in this direction. 

Three months ago, they were able to bring home 7-year-old, David, home into their forever family!

Listen in as they share their hearts...

God used a number of resources including Lifesong to enable our family to bring one of His dearly loved children into our home. We were aware of the financial burden of the adoption process when we started our journey, but we were confident in His ultimate provision for every expense every step of the way. Through His clear calling and faithful provision, we are also resting in the peace that He will continue to provide EVERYTHING we need. Not just monetarily, but perhaps more importantly, spiritually and emotionally.

We have faced many challenges since arriving home 3 months ago with our newest member: a (now) 7 year old boy with special needs. We are learning to love each other as we overcome a difficult start to this precious boy’s life. God is making Himself know to us in ways we never could have known Him had we not been obedient to His call on our family. We have been blessed to see Him work through friends, family, and even strangers. It has also been incredible to hear stories from other people who have reported being blessed and challenged as they heard the story of our adoption journey.

--Wes & Kellee



Family Friday: "...more & more in love..."

Thankful to share yet another story of God's faithfulness of setting the lonely into a family.

We were blessed to partner with Greg & Angie as they organized a Both Hands Project to raise funds for the adoption of their new daughter Joy, from China.

Please join us in prayer for this family who chose to grow their family through adoption! Thank God for his steadfast love in adopting each of us!

There have been many challenges throughout our adoption process. We are finally moving past survival mode and are growing more and more in love with our daughter, Joy, every day. We cannot imagine going through the process without the help of Both Hands and Lifesong and the many, many prayers of our friends and family. We are so thankful for Joy and we can’t imagine life without her in our family. We are thankful for the help we received to bring her home.

--Greg & Angie


Family Friday: John & Meredith

Time for another Family Friday feature!

Let me introduce to you John and Meredith, 2nd-time adoptive parents from China.  They returned home this spring after their adoption of little Sam.

Please listen in as the share some of the joys, struggles and excitement of God's gift of adoption!

This was our second SN adoption from China within two years. We would have been unable to afford this adoption without the grant we received from Lifesong (& Jeeah's Hope Adoption Fund). Because we were familiar with China adoptions, this experience was very simple and smooth--but of course not fast! We had a wonderful experience with our agency as well as our adoption process.

Lifesong was so helpful and worked with us every step of the way. We so appreciate that Lifesong helped us to walk this path.

One major 'God-thing' through our process was that Sam was a child with special needs--a heart baby. He was born with an ASD. When we brought him home and had his heart checked by the cardiologist, God had healed him!!


Paying it forward...


We were delighted to get this email from a Lifesong family who, several years ago, received a matching grant that assisted them in their adoption journey to China...

Dear Lifesong,

We wanted to send another letter of thanks out to your organization for helping us with a matching grant during our adoption journey.  It was so very helpful, and we deeply appreciate the work that you do!  It has been over 3 years since we returned from China with our daughter, and even though it has been a difficult road at times, we wouldn’t change a thing.  Our daughter will be turning eight years old on the 26th of March. 

In honor of that special day we would like to “pay forward” a $1,500 matching grant to a family similar to ours.  We would like to provide this for a family that on paper doesn’t seem to qualify for help and is adopting an older or special needs child.  

Thank you again for all you do,

Lifesong family (asked to remain anonymous)

WOW! What a JOY it is for us to be able to work with families like this whose hearts are displaying the glory of our Father God!