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Andy and Jill Lehman family
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Gary Ringger

TMG Foundation was founded in 2002 based on a vow made by businessman Gary Ringger, who committed the ultimate purpose of a new business venture in 1991 to be for “Kingdom purposes”. The proceeds from the sale of that business where used to launch orphan ministry.  

As a result of this alliance TMG Foundation pays all USA administrative costs for Lifesong for Orphans where Gary serves as Chairman/President of Lifesong for Orphans. This commitment assures Lifsong for Orphans donors that 100% of their donations will go directly to care for orphans and their needs.

Lifesong for Orphans also utilizes the equity created by the Manna Group businesses (i.e. Watershed Foods, The Manna Group, etc.), to help grow orphan care initiatives.

"I have been blessed so much. My prayer is that God will use The Manna Group to bless others." - -Gary Ringger, Chairman 



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