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Planning Ahead in Coffee

Anyone thinking Christmas yet?

This week a Christmas tune may have swept through my car speakers.  There may be a gift or two stowed away in the closet for safe keeping.  I may have cast longing glances at the twinkle lights in the basement.

I can't help myself.  I love the feeling of Christmas and when the weather first starts to turn and I smell the crispness in the air, my heart leaps involuntarily... Christmas is on the way!

Many of you are cringing right now.  Yes, I can feel your indignation creeping in... but let's put our differences aside and talk about something really cool you could do this Christmas.

What if instead of giving just another shirt... just another toy... just another... thing, you gave something that continued to give to others?  Continued to give to those who really needed it... to the poorest of the poor... the "least of these."  

There are many ways, you can do this... here is one:

Gobena Coffee offers fresh-roasted gourmet fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee(yum).  And the best part?  Partnering with Lifesong and Loving Shepherd Ministries, 100% of their proceeds go to help orphans in Ethiopia.  Check out their projects here.  

This year you could serve Gobena with your holiday desserts or give a Gobena tote bag or t-shirt(softest shirt I own!).

It doesn't matter how you do it... but make this year count.  This Christmas let's give more.

... stay tuned for more super cool gift ideas.

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Reader Comments (2)

Loved this post, Leslie! Great ideas - that tote bag is really cute!

(Oh, and loved your description of anticipating Christmas:))

October 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSarah F

thanks for the comment sarah! i love the tote bag, too... contemplating giving one as a Christmas gift... to myself :)

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