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A Note of Encouragement

Back in July, 14 year-old Addisyn wrote on her mom's blog.  She challenged parents to teach there kids to think about others as they shopped for school supplies.  She challenged them to give to Lifesong Ehtiopia's preschool so children there could have books and uniforms:

My challenge for you is to talk to your child. Tell them. Teach them. They won't know unless you do- I didn't. Teach them something far more important than what they will learn the entire year at school. Challenge them to go without one of those items thrown into your cart and instead send that money to Lifesong for Orphans and for Adami Tulu preschool. Show them how to think of others. Help them develop a heart for giving. Show them how to think outside of their own wants. Teach them to make their lives count. Develop in them an awareness for others. Teach them how to care.

One family took her up on her challenged and their daughter, Kensley, was excited to reach out to other children across the world.  Check out what she sent to Ethiopia with her money:

Kensley, we love your heart!  Thank you, Kenny and Donna, for teaching your children to care for the fatherless!

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