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Andy and Jill Lehman family

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Sarah's Birthday of Purpose

Meet Sarah.

Sarah just celebrated her 6th birthday last month. You would expect to see dolls, games, and maybe even a bike on her birthday list, right?


For the second year in a row, Sarah has asked that instead of gifts for her birthday, money be given to Lifesong for Orphans as we care for children around the world.

Recently we recieved this note, along with a check to Lifesong from Sarah's mom,

Enclosed is $500 to help fund the adoption of an Ukrainian orphan into a Christian Ukrainian family through your Adoption without Borders program. Our daughter, Sarah, chose to collect donations for Lifesong in lieu of presents to celebrate her 6th birthday. God bless you and your efforts at Lifesong!

Isn't so refreshing to know that because of the selfless choice of ONE child, an orphan in Ukraine can become adopted into a forever family!

Sarah, thank you SO much for the example that you have shown us of what Christ's selfless love looks like. We pray that God our Father would bless your heart and life as you live for Him!


US Churches impacting Ukrainian families!

Listen in to this story sharing the beauty of the Body of Christ that can reach across any ocean...

Three of our Adoption/Orphan Care Ministry Partners-- In His HandsTapestry Ministry and Dark to Dawn -- understand that loving Christian adoptive families live throughout the world, not only within the US border.  

In fact, in Ukraine, there are many Christian families who are seeking to rescue children by 'emptying the orphanage' through indigenous adoption. It costs only about $500 for a Ukrainian couple to adopt a child from their country.  But often times, there are strict governmental housing regulations that stand in their way.

These ministies are partnering with Lifesong's "Adoption without Borders" program, which intentionally links like-minded families and churches in the USA with approved Christian family’s in the Ukraine who are seeking to adopt.

These three ministries stepped up and answered the call for Pevel and Tatyana in Ukraine, a couple who is seeking to adopt 2 more girls into their family. Together, they provided the remaining funds needed to complete the construction on their home to be approved by the State. PRAISE GOD!

The Challenge: The body of Christ is equipped to help bring children into these Christian families, regardless of their geographical location or church affiliation. Would your church or ministry be willing to come alongside other church to help help reach more children together, than any one church could on its own?

To learn how your church or ministry can get involved with Adoption Without Borders and help couples like Pevel and Tatyana, please click here.


Give Hope. Give Family.

"What an honor it is to have influenced the lives of young people over the last 6 years who are graduating this year; now they are the forces of influence radiating out into the future generations. It is our responsibility to impact and influence the lives around us."
-Jeanna Brusherd, Missionary, Honduras

"What do you do when there are several hundred thousand orphans in your country who are waiting to be adopted? What if the church is waking up to the need but finances are a major barrier? Join Lifesong Ukraine in a new program, Adoption Without Borders, that connects the American church to Ukrainian believers with a heart for adoption."
-Rich Metcalfe, Lifesong for Orphans



 To give Hope. To give Family. Visit our Lifesong for Orphans