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Strawberries Business in Ukraine -- At a glance

We are excited to start seeing a harvest of strawberries for our new business venture in Ukraine!

Denis, Lifesong Ukraine, talks about the initial stages of this business development, "We are starting to see some fruit. The harvest is always very encouraging...if you have something good to harvest. These berries taste really good and our kids just love them!"


Vitalik, Sasha & Sergei enjoying the fruit of their labor!


Immediate Transition Home Need - Lifesong Ukraine

Zap Transition Home - - Immediate Need

We are reaching out to you, our Ukraine supporters, to invite you to help give futures to the current and upcoming young men and women who will graduate from the State orphanages in Ukraine.   

...A young man like Igor.  

Igor was once an orphan impacted by the gospel through Lifesong Ukraine.  Because of that influence, after graduation, he chose to live in one of our transition homes.  He was baptized and became a Lifesong volunteer. His dedication in weight training earned him the title as Kharkov's State Heavy Weight Lifting Champion.  This spring he was married to a godly woman and we are thankful for his hopeful future.


(Igor & Anna with Lifesong Ukraine Director Denis, Tanya & family)  

Will you join us in building hopeful futures for young men like Igor?

To learn more about this project and how you can partner with Lifesong Ukraineclick here. 

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice." Proverbs 31:8-9


US Churches impacting Ukrainian families!

Listen in to this story sharing the beauty of the Body of Christ that can reach across any ocean...

Three of our Adoption/Orphan Care Ministry Partners-- In His HandsTapestry Ministry and Dark to Dawn -- understand that loving Christian adoptive families live throughout the world, not only within the US border.  

In fact, in Ukraine, there are many Christian families who are seeking to rescue children by 'emptying the orphanage' through indigenous adoption. It costs only about $500 for a Ukrainian couple to adopt a child from their country.  But often times, there are strict governmental housing regulations that stand in their way.

These ministies are partnering with Lifesong's "Adoption without Borders" program, which intentionally links like-minded families and churches in the USA with approved Christian family’s in the Ukraine who are seeking to adopt.

These three ministries stepped up and answered the call for Pevel and Tatyana in Ukraine, a couple who is seeking to adopt 2 more girls into their family. Together, they provided the remaining funds needed to complete the construction on their home to be approved by the State. PRAISE GOD!

The Challenge: The body of Christ is equipped to help bring children into these Christian families, regardless of their geographical location or church affiliation. Would your church or ministry be willing to come alongside other church to help help reach more children together, than any one church could on its own?

To learn how your church or ministry can get involved with Adoption Without Borders and help couples like Pevel and Tatyana, please click here.


New Strawberry Business - Lifesong Ukraine

Lifesong Ukraine has recently started up a new strawberry project that is taking place in the developing nursery.  These strawberry plants will be used to start a 'nursery business' for growers in Eastern Europe. Listen in as Denis Poshelok shares an update from from Lifesong Ukraine,

"Greetings! We appreciate your prayerful support as we enter a busy season this year with our strawberry nursery trial. We received the plants, the weather was good and the crew is excellent. The crew is a combination of our Kharkov graduates and Izume church members. Also, we have three older ladies coming from the local church to help plant!"

Andrei unloading strawberries from Plant Sciences, Inc.

Let the planting begin!

Please join us in prayer for this new endeavor for Lifesong Ukraine! Pray that God can use this for His glory!




Far from Completion - Lifesong Ukraine

Listen in as Denis Poshelok shares an update from from Lifesong Ukraine,

"We always enjoy sharing updates on great achievements of our team and nice projects we have done together.  But with updates like that, the picture of Ukraine orphan care will not be would look like we have achieved all we wanted and ready to retire! Well, a lot of work is still ahead of us.
Even though we have done a lot, it seems that the work is still far far away from completion. One kid at the time, each who is priceless and very special to his Father.
We would like to share with you photos of the living conditions at the orphanages we work with...they surely tell a story. May these pictures encourage you to do even more for His glory through this ministry.  Try to imagine yourself or your kids being in such living conditions without hope and look in the eyes of those kids. Kids that are trapped and it's not their fault.  We need to help them out...
Thank you for all you do in support of our work. Glad to be in one team with all of you!"