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Adopt an Orphanage - Sveta's Story

Inviting you to create more 'Sveta stories' through your church! We don't want you to miss out on this.... 

It is our honor & joy to partner with churches in adoption funding as their families provide homes, families, a sense of belonging, and the love of Christ Jesus to orphans all around the world.  For each precious child that is adopted into a loving family, there are so many children that are not adopted. Children around the world that are longing for family or just the love from someone that knows their name and their story.

We would like to give churches the opportunity to help care for orphans who may never be adopted.  You can help them through our Orphan Care programs.  In each orphanage, we are providing Christian mentors whose purpose is to build trusting, loving relationships with the children--the ultimate goal of guiding them toward fruitful Christian lives. While Lifesong is helping to "bring joy and purpose to orphans" - the job is too big for us to do alone....we need your help. We invite you to participate in what God is doing on behalf of the fatherless through the "Adopt-an-Orphanage" program.

Would you and your church family to prayerfully consider making a 2-3 year commitment to "adopt" one specific orphanage/facility? This "Adopt-an-Orphanage" commitment could include:

  • Yearly Mission Trips
  • Letter-writing sponsorship (we'll translate for you!)
  • Finanically support ministry

Want to see how it works? Check out video that creatively depicts our 'Adopt-an-Orphanage' program...

Thank you again for your faithful partnership to bring joy & purpose to orphans! May God continue to bless and grow your ministry for His glory.


Join our Prayer - Lifesong Ukraine

We are blessed to share this update from Dennis Poshelok, Director of Lifesong Ukraine,

...we had a great small event at the camp for 20 kids from Zap orphanage and 10 Zap volunteers and staff, including the Director Larissa. The Director really liked our camp and thanked all of us for such a great work we do with the kids and ministry! Enjoy the photos and join our prayer for thefuture of these children. They need God's mercy! We also thank you for being involved in the ministry which change lives.

Olya, our Matvievka CCP, with the girls before the bed time


We encourage you to look into the eyes and faces of these children and young adults and pray for God's powerful Spirit to be in their hearts as they are mentored and ministered to by the Lifesong staff in Ukraine.


First day, having just arrived at camp




"...the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16b


Give the Love of Jesus.

2011 Gifts of Purpose from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo

"As we look at those serving today, we recognize familiar faces of the kids we worked with that are now our young brothers and sisters in Christ and are future leaders of this ministry. It's a great work God has placed in our hands!"
-Denis Poshelok, Lifesong Ukraine


To give a future. To give the love of Jesus.
Visit our Lifesong for Orphans Gifts of Purpose Catalog.


Update on Hope Ethiopia:100 -- 71 of 100 teammates, $10,568.17!

Today is the LAST day, please prayfully consider joining our Hope Ethiopia:100 team!

100 people. $100 dollars. Matching donor. Gift Basket. Hope Ethiopia:100.


Give Hope. Give Family.

"What an honor it is to have influenced the lives of young people over the last 6 years who are graduating this year; now they are the forces of influence radiating out into the future generations. It is our responsibility to impact and influence the lives around us."
-Jeanna Brusherd, Missionary, Honduras

"What do you do when there are several hundred thousand orphans in your country who are waiting to be adopted? What if the church is waking up to the need but finances are a major barrier? Join Lifesong Ukraine in a new program, Adoption Without Borders, that connects the American church to Ukrainian believers with a heart for adoption."
-Rich Metcalfe, Lifesong for Orphans



 To give Hope. To give Family. Visit our Lifesong for Orphans 



Going Green: Lifesong Ukraine

In Ukraine the story is common.  An alcoholic mother.  A non-existent father.  A childhood spent in an orphanage.

For Sergey, though, this is not just a story.  This is life.  At the age of three, Sergey was moved to Loubetin Orphanage and in that same year, he lost his eye when it was stuck with a needle by his mentally handicapped brother.  In the orphanage he didn't receive an artificial eye until he was 12 years old.  Already very shy and quiet by nature, Sergey spent most of those 9 years hiding his face behind his hand. 

But when Sergey was 16 years old his life started to change.  After spending time with the Lifesong Ukrainestaff, participating in Bible studies and activities, Sergey gave his life to Christ.  That same year he changed his family name to Poshelok, the name of Lifesong Ukraine directors, Denis and Tanya Poshelok.

Today Sergey is 20 years old.  He graduated this year with a degree in landscape design.  Now, after working on over ten landscaping projects, Sergey has joined with some of the fellow young men in Lifesong's transition programand started a small tree nursery business.  


In a country where orphans typically end up continuing in a cycle of hopelessness, Sergey has greatly risen above his circumstances.  We praise God for His ability to makebeauty from ashes... a gift that never ceases to amaze!